Customise everything! Make Zedulr work for your business.

Widgets are a core feature of Zedulr and allow administrators to append additional input fields onto their Projects, Employees, or Equipment. Track contractor phone numbers and emails, vehicle registrations, project site address or links to external documents.

Everything in Zedulr supports custom tagging. You can use tags to assign skills or certifications to employees, mark projects with tiers, special conditions or requirements, or simply assign colours to your equipment and vehicles.

Templates for Projects and Assets.

Customise your information to ensure projects and company assets store comprehensive and accessible data.

Custom Tags for Everything.

Add custom tags to any project, employee, client, vehicle or equipment that are concise, organised and easily searchable.

Many Widget Types.

Choose from a comprehensive selection of custom form fields that can be used to store vital projects, employee, client, equipment or vehicles information.

Visualisation with Views and Filters.

Present day-to-day schedules and deployment plans with multiple workspace views, filtered by Project, task type, employee group, or date range.

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